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App Blog

po frame

Black Elephants

touch ~/.lldbinit
echo display @import UIKit >> ~/.lldbinit
echo target stop-hook add -o \"target stop-hook disable\" >> ~/.lldbinit

django on heroku

Black Elephants

  • mkdir <project name>
  • cd <project name>
  • virtualenv venv
  • source venv/bin/activate
    // this will activate virtual environment. verify prompt prefixed with (venv)
  • pip install django-toolbelt djangorestframework 
    // you will probably get compile warnings. safe to ignore
  • startproject <project name> . <-- don't forget the dot
  • cd <project name>
  • startapp <app name>
  • cd ..
  • echo 'web: gunicorn <project name>.wsgi --log-file -' > Procfile
  • foreman start // verify at http://localhost:5000
  • pip freeze > requirements.txt

// add after DATABASES = {}
import dj_database_url
DATABASES['default'] = dj_database_url.config()

ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['*'] // modified

// add after BASE_DIR
STATIC_ROOT = 'staticfiles'
os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'static'),


'DEFAULT_PERMISSION_CLASSES': ('rest_framework.permissions.IsAdminUser',),

// add after from django.core.wsgi
from dj_static import Cling

application = Cling(get_wsgi_application()) // modified
  • touch .gitignore
  • open .gitignore


.idea // pycharm ide
  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -m "Initial commit"
  • heroku create
  • git push heroku master
  • heroku run python migrate
  • heroku run python createsuperuser 
    // prompts for username, email, pw
  • heroku open


Upgrade git

Black Elephants

cd ~
open .bash_profile (or touch .bash_profile first)
export PATH="/usr/local/git/bin:$PATH"
<restart terminal>
echo $PATH
git --version

Xcode6 simulators

Black Elephants

xcrun simctl list

xcrun simctl erase <device-id>

xcrun simctl delete <device-id>

xcrun simctl list devices | grep -v '^[-=]' | cut -d "(" -f2 | cut -d ")" -f1 | xargs -I {} xcrun simctl delete "{}"


Black Elephants

find ./ -name "*.m" -print0 | xargs -0 genstrings -o en.lproj


Black Elephants

  1. Create XCode project
  2. using terminal, navigate to project folder
    1. $ touch Podfile
    2. $ open Podfile
    3. enter dependencies, for example: 
      platform :iOS, '7.0'
      pod 'Parse'
    4. $ pod install
  3. close current XCode project
  4. open .xcworkspace


Black Elephants



CoreData setting: attribute type is undefined, transient property is checked.


CoreData setting: attribute type is transformable