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Do Use Quick Weave Glue Protection

Black Elephants

Today, we begin our series on the Do's of hair care. And what better way to start than the correct way to protect our hair while wearing weave. The two most popular ways to wear weave are: quick weaves and sew-ins.

For a quick weave, we will be wearing the weave by using hair bonding glue. There are many brands to choose from starting with the $1 generic brands. If you are not having any success with using the cheap brands, you should see if your local beauty supply store carries a better brand.

Do not apply the bonding glue directly to your own hair.

Depending on the style and cut of the weave, you will need to decide if you will have a partial quick weave or a full quick weave. A partial means that some of your hair, usually the front and/or top will be showing. This is done to cover up the wefts of the last layer of weave. For a full quick weave, you will be supplied a closure to serve the same purpose, or you will need to make your own closure.

Do not apply the bonding glue directly to your own hair.

To lay the tracks down smoothly and evenly, you will need to wrap and flatten your hair down. You can use styling gel, styling lotion, or foam wrap. Once you've got a flat surface to apply the weave and bonding glue...

Do not apply the bonding glue directly to your own hair.

At this point in the process, many of my customers will throw on a stocking cap as the single barrier between their hair and the bonding glue. What they don't realize (until they are ready to take the weave out) is the bonding glue will seep through the wig cap and bond directly to their own hair. You can upgrade from the $1 stocking wig cap to something that provides more protection like a dome cap. Or...

You can apply a liquid cap that creates an invisible, protective layer across your hair. The bonding glue will be applied to the layer and not your own hair.

The three most popular brands are: Morning Glory's Gro-Protect Solution, Salon Pro 30 Sec's Weave Wonder Wrap, and Robert's Diamond Bond Protective Shield. By applying these to your wrapped hair, you can be sure that none of the bonding glue will be applied directly to your own hair. Win!

For added protection, but not necessary, you can still wear the stocking cap before actually applying the glue and weave. Please let me know which of these three brands you like the best.

Have a blessed week!