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Color Contacts

Black Elephants

Most beauty supply stores can supply all your hair care needs: products, weaves, wigs, and more. Some have a great selection of makeup and skin products while others carry every piece of accessory known to mankind. Leggings, socks, shirts, and shoes can be found sprinkled around the stores. So what else is there left to buy?

The Eyes are the window to your soul
— William Shakespeare

To have your hair done with matching outfit and accessories, but forget a detail like your eyes is a major sin. Eye shadow, eye liner, eye lashes are the most common items purchased for this purpose. But there is one item that can be a hit or miss at your local beauty supply store: color contacts.

All contact lenses sold in the US must be approved by the FDA and purchased with a prescription from a licensed optometrist. The reason is simple. You don't want to put some foreign object in your eye that will blind you for the rest of your life.


Contact lenses should be soft and flexible so they conform to the curvature of your cornea. If they are too hard, it can scratch the surface of your eye as it moves around. This invites bacteria and increases the likelihood of infection and blindness. If they are too small or too large, it can cause irritation as it tries to find the right spot but never does. It may also pop out of your eye in which case you will have to clean them before popping them back in your eye... right?

People who do not wear contacts on a daily basis will not know how to properly care for them. They will not use a case or solution. This also invites bacterial infection the next time they put the contacts on.

Colored contacts usually have no strength so customers don't feel they need to get a prescription from an eye doctor. They don't have a problem buying them from a store that doesn't require a prescription. But if you truly believe your eyes are the window to your soul, then take care of those windows with the same loving care that made those windows.

Have a blessed weekend!