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Poetic Justice Inspired Box Braids

Black Elephants

Summer's over. Are box braids still in? I say yes! We all know the box braids craze started with the Knowles sisters, Beyonce and Solange. But did you know this natural hair protective style works great during the winter too?

The cold, frigid air outside plus the dry, hot air inside makes everyday a possible bad hair day. By keeping your natural hair in box braids, you can keep a low maintenance hair style with minimal upkeep. But first, we need to assess your hair's healthiness. Healthy hair is a balance of moisture and protein. Too little or too much of one or the other will result in breakage when put in box braids.

If your hair is in need of moisture, apply a good deep conditioner or leave-in moisturizer. If your hair is in need of protein, use a good protein treatment, but never ever over-protein your hair.

Poetic Justice movie poster. Copyright / Fair use

Poetic Justice movie poster. Copyright / Fair use

For the most versatile styles, I suggest using Kanekalon braiding hair (around $2 per pack) because you can manipulate the synthetic fibers with hot water when adding waves or curls. For even longer box braids, look for the Poetic Justice inspired 84" Kanekalon braiding hair (around $5 per pack).

After getting your braids done, be sure to keep your scalp clean using a dry shampoo, and your scalp and hair oiled using any natural oils like shea butter or coconut oil. Follow up with a good braid sheen for healthy looking box braids.

Have a blessed weekend!