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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

Stop Using Rubber Bands

Black Elephants

Rubber bands are a super cheap way to pull hair together into a quick hair style. It could be a simple ponytail to the back or maybe two pig tails to the sides. The rubber bands themselves usually cost under a dollar at your local beauty supply store. So what's not to love? I've got 3 reasons why you should stop using rubber bands.

Reason #1 is cuticle damage. The rubber bands place a lot of pressure against the cuticles. This can force open the hair cuticles while causing damage. As the hair moves around, the cuticles can become interlocked and get tangled up. This can lead to the cuticles being ripped off the hair shaft exposing the soft cortex underneath which leads to the second reason...

Reason #2 is hair damage and dryness. As the hair cuticles continue to get battered, the dents and bends can prevent the cuticles from closing properly. This allows moisture to escape from the hair cortex more rapidly leading to dryness. This condition is something we discussed last month: the hair now has high porosity.

Reason #3 is baldness and traction alopecia. Have you noticed that hair can get caught up in the rubber bands when you remove them? The rubber bands are applying so much pressure on the hair that it is literally being pulled out of the head. Over time, this causes a baldness pattern around the hairline called traction alopecia.


So what to use besides rubber bands? Elastic bands. Cloth-covered elastic bands. Scrunchies. Butterfly clamps. Banana clips.

When pulling your hair into a ponytail, don't go for the "neat and tidy" look. You can still cause traction alopecia. It's ok to have some hair a little messy and out of place. You'll want that head full of healthy, shiny hair for those rare good hair days.

Have a blessed weekend!