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More Braids: Crochet Braids

Black Elephants

After finishing up the list on braids and twists, I was asked about other types not on the list. So today, we go over another classic: crochet braids.

Back in the day, you would get your cornrows done. Then head down to the local beauty supply store and pick up a few bags of S or Z braids. Using a latch hook (you did remember to get one of those too?), you install each strand along the cornrow. And viola! You've got a head full of braids in a quarter of the time.

Nowadays, you can still use those S and Z braids which run about $1-$2 a bag. Or you can upgrade to better quality crochet hair with every type of curl, wave, twist, and kink (don't forget straight!). These start around $5 and run up to $10 a pack. The latch hook usually costs $1.

If you are wanting a short style using crochet hair, purchase 2-3 packs and cut the hair in half. For longer styles, you'll want to get 4-6 packs.

Have a blessed weekend!