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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

Make Synthetic Look Real

Black Elephants

Most customers have a picture in their mind before stepping inside a beauty supply store. However, those same customers can't describe that image to anyone that can help them pick out the right products; whether it be chemicals or hair.

Like this one lady the other day who insisted on only getting human hair but didn't have the budget for it. She ended up getting some synthetic but was worried about the fake shine that synthetic hair gives off. So to help her (and you) out, I gave her two tips: baby powder and flat iron.

032201505 lovely black girl.jpg

1. Baby powder. After installing the hair, whether a wig, weave or braids, sprinkle some baby powder onto sections of hair. Don't go crazy and get it everywhere. If you do end up sprinkling too much, don't worry. Just shake off or brush out the excess. The powder reduces the fake shine to the nice healthy looking shine that real hair has.

2. Flat iron. Most synthetic nowadays can take some heat. (Warning: Take a few strands and test before proceeding.) Starting at a low heat, flat iron the hair as normal. The heat will also breakdown the shine so it no longer has that fakeness.

Bonus: If your synthetic is lighter than your normal hair color, use touch up hair color at the roots to create a subtle realness.

Have a blessed weekend!