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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

How To Cut A Lace Front Wig

Black Elephants

The popularity of lace front wigs has been ever increasing. While regular wigs are still very popular, the lace fronts allow for a natural look without the need for bangs or fringes. But I'm seeing WAY too many lace fronts that LOOK like lace fronts. So if we are going to wear a lace front unit, let's do it the right way the first time, every time. Step one is cutting.

Cutting a lace front wig is not that complicated. Most beauty supply stores will cut the lace for you. But if you don't trust them to do a great job, it's always better to do it yourself. First, make sure you have a good pair of shears or scissors. You can also use pinking shears for a more natural look.


Begin by cutting the lace slowly as close to the hairline as possible. Make it easier on yourself by placing the lace front on a white foam head. This allows you to pull back the hair while cutting the lace, and it also helps you see the knots where the hair is tied to the lace. Working from one end to the other, use only the ends of your shears so your cuts are short and precise.

If you end up with only lace on your floor, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Have a blessed week!