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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

Wigs: More Style, Less Hassle, New You

Black Elephants

The holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. The weather goes from the autumn leaves falling to the white winter wonderland of Christmas cards. Falling snow and blowing winds bring out hats, scarves, gloves, and boots. Tis the season of first time and seasoned wig customers alike!

Spring and summer can sometimes be too hot for a wig, especially in the warmer regions, but fall and winter are a great time to try one out. Not only does it double as a hat to keep your head warm, it can keep your neck warm as well (unless it's short wig of course.)

Without having to have your hair chemically processed via perm, relaxer, or dye, you can change your hairstyle to anything your imagination desires. So why not try something new and different? I've seen so many of my wig customers buy the same style wigs over and over again. When I suggest something new, I usually get the same response: Oh no!


Days rather than weeks will pass by, but that small seed of my recommendation sprouts into a large need for change. They come back to try something new. And by breaking out of their little box, they gain something that was slowly slipping away from them: self-confidence.

So ladies, we need to take that step forward even if it is frightening and nerve-racking. By changing how we see ourselves, we change how others see us as well.

Sometimes we need help with the first part and that is when you come see me at the wig store!

Have a blessed weekend!