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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

Price Comparison at Beauty Supply Stores

Black Elephants

We've all seen the price comparisons between Walmart and Target. We've probably done some of our own price comparisons for bigger ticket items in store vs online. But how many of us have done our own comparison shopping for smaller ticket items? Especially at a beauty supply store? Is it worth it, or does the competition bring the price differences down to pennies?


Retail prices varying from state to state is obvious, but prices can fluctuate just as much between stores in the same city or even across from each other. Add into the mix discount cards and sale prices, and we've got beauty supply customers thinking they are saving but really aren't.

We've always joked about clothing stores jacking up the regular price just before putting it on sale. After all, a 50% off sale sounds better than a 10% off sale. Too bad the final price is still exactly the same. (Or may even be higher!)

With Black Friday and holiday shopping fast approaching, don't be fooled by all the big discounts but stay focused on the final price of an item. You don't want to be the girl who "saved" a lot but is broke. You want to be the girl who shopped smart, knew the best prices regardless of discounts, and really saved a lot.

Have a blessed week!