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Do Use Hair Color Protein Filler

Black Elephants

Most people begin the process of following through on their New Year's resolutions in the middle of January. They've had time to think it through and are now ready to make it happen. Most resolutions fall into the category of changing one's image whether it be for health reasons or emotional ones. So if you want advice on losing weight or quitting smoking, you've come to the wrong place.

Today we are going to bring out the new you of 2014 with a new hair color. But you've got the kind of hair that takes the color really well but fades quickly. If you've been following along since last year, you know that we've just described hair with high porosity.

High porosity hair has its cuticles wide open allowing anything including hair color to be quickly absorbed. So the color looks great the first couple days. But with the cuticles remaining open like that, the color has a hard time holding onto the hair shaft. So it literally falls out of the hair and we see that as fading.

So if we are going to get that new color for 2014, what is a high porosity girl suppose to do? Welcome your new best friend, protein filler.


Protein filler is exactly what its name implies: it fills in holes with protein. So those gaping holes high porosity hair has, can now be filled in. It doesn't fix the porosity permanently. But it equalizes it enough so that whatever is inside the hair shaft won't just keep falling off like those little bed jumping monkeys.

Protein filler comes in a neutral color as well as red, blue, and yellow. I'd stick with neutral unless you've got a good sense for how the color wheel works when dealing with hair color. Make sure to shampoo your hair before putting the protein filler in. Let the protein do its magic for about 10-20 minutes. DO NOT RINSE OUT. And put the hair color as directed.

If you've got any left over, make sure to dilute it and use it as a protein treatment in a few weeks.

Please let me know your success stories (and failure stories too) in the comments down below.

Have a blessed weekend!