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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

Old School Product: Pine Tar

Black Elephants

Way back in the day, African Americans didn't have aisles of hair products to choose from, let alone stores dedicated to stocking every beauty supply product known to mankind. They had to use whatever they could get their hands on. Some worked, others didn't. But the ones that worked, those secrets were passed down through the generations with each new generation changing and improving upon the recipe.


One such product is pine tar, also known as peasant tar. Now imagine what that first generation to even try this stuff were thinking. It wasn't packed into a portable plastic container for easy carry. It wasn't blended with other ingredients to form a grease-like solution for easy application. The stuff that was used back then was pure. No chemicals added for preservation purposes. And I'm sure the smell was 100 times stronger than the products made today.

So why are we talking about this? Well, I know that the beauty industry goes through trends. Before it was olive oil. Today it is argan oil. Tomorrow, who knows. I'd hate to see a product that has served the needs of so many people just be swept aside because it isn't what is currently trending.

If you've never used pine tar before, you must heed this warning: you will stink like a campfire. And unless campfires were the places where all the young teenagers hung out, there had to have been benefits that far outweighed the smell.

Pine tar as used today works wonders as a skin treatment for eczema and itchy, flaking skin caused by dandruff or psoriasis. Applying this to your scalp will not only do the same, but will bring your scalp into a healthy state. And a healthy scalp begets healthy hair.

Have a blessed week and a wonderful MLK Day!