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Aly Phant's Black Elephants Blog

How To Install A Lace Front Wig

Black Elephants

In part 1, we learned how to cut a lace front wig. Now we are ready to learn how to wear the lace front wig so it doesn't LOOK like a lace front or look "wiggy."

Preparation is key. If you want the wig to look real, it needs to lay flat against your head, so make sure your hair is wrapped up, braided up, stocking capped, something! Now, take a look inside the wig and locate all the straps, combs and other attachment points. We will be using them to secure the wig.

Let's start with the adjustment straps. Begin by putting the wig on from front to back, with your head tilted forward. If the wig is too tight, move the straps further from the center. If too loose, move closer to the center. Once the straps are just right, sew them down so they don't pop off later.

Most lace fronts will have combs in the front and back. Begin securing the wig to your head by tucking the combs in the back. For the front combs, we will be doing two things at once: securing the front with the front combs while lining up the lace front hairline with our own hairline.



To make a lace front look real and natural, we will be using a very small amount of your real hair. So when lining up the lace front, pull it back just slightly to reveal your hair. Then using a pin tail or rat tail comb, gently pull your hair out from underneath the lace and comb it over to blend in with the lace front hairline.

Shake it and go girl!

Have a blessed weekend!